Thursday, 29 September 2011

Summer at last!

What a fantastic day! Not sure what the temperature got to but I very nearly took my vest off. I would have done but the cafe had people in I didn't know.
Today was the biennial jaunt of the Best of Banffshire and Buchan Bed and Breakfasts.
To Pitmedden Gardens and Museum of Farming Life. Run by the National Trust for Scotland.

There is a wee bit of an agricultural museum.

This is a cheese press.
The Garden is a formal one in the main. But has some beautiful sculptures dotted about.

One of my most favourite flowers, Agapanthus. Managed to grow it only once. Intend to have another go next year.

This Versailles Planter had Fennel and other herbs in which I thought a fantastic idea.
Again, plan for next year, is tubs and planters crammed with herbs all around our sitting area.

Possibly a water feature too!
But not this. Although our hedges are neatly trimmed - mainly so as not to upset the traffic on our narrow lane - I do not do formal.
"The elaborate designs were inspired by those reputedly used in the garden of the Palace of Holyrood House in Edinburgh."

Here are some of our group. Enjoying the sunshine and the heat. We had lunch in the tea rooms. The usual loud din and no-one listening to anyone else. The main topic of conversation being the usual discussion which never to where to have our Christmas Lunch.....

Blogging is addictive and I have been without my fix for too long! But, so proud of myself, I have finally sorted it.
We downloaded upgrades for Internet Explorer and everything went haywire. I couldn't read my favourite blogs, couldn't comment and then worst of all after typing and thinking and typing and composing it wouldn't publish.
I went to the help desk on Blogger, and would you believe the 'new' Internet Explorer is the culprit. WHAT is the point of encouraging you to upgrade when it then is worse than what you had before????????????????????? I am now using Google Chrome as opposed to Internet Explorer.
So - back to normal.
Look forward to reading all your blogs - and putting my oar in.
Before Winter arrives and the power cuts.....

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