Thursday, 8 September 2011

Everything is getting bigger - including the mess.

Minerva McGonagall. Hoping it wont be long before I stop painting. I am hoping too. The spray machine was a total disaster. There was paint everywhere and not the fine spray I was expecting but great gobs of it. I had to leap up the ladder with the paint brush and spread it about before it all fell off onto the floor. Though it still did, and the windows, and the walls, drips everywhere and on me. I am now covered in pale jasmine. Is it spray tan that people pay for? Well thats what I have . And I havent a lipstick to match.

Looks pretty from outside. The inside looks as if - well no I am not going to describe it.

Here are my patient potted lilies. Patient as they have been stuck in pots for way too long. Showing their frustration by flowering in September. Way too late. Once they have finished they will be rewarded by being released from the pots and put into the ground. Mike has spent the last few days clearing a bed for them and removing all the ground elder that was swamping it.

The buds and subsequent flowers are huge, but I know from before they were imprisoned in those pots that their blooms can be even larger. Plus inside those pots will be more bulbs.

And here is another plant transferred from our previous home that is loving it.

We managed two offshoots of the Rogersii. And both have produced such huge leaves we know they are happy and that next year there will be towering flowers from both.

And finally.

One of the huge sunflowers planted by the birds.

As Laurel said to Hardy "Thats a Fine Mess You Got Me Into."

Do NOT use a fence spray machine on interior walls and ceilings.

The mess just gets bigger.

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