Monday, 19 September 2011

Indian Summer?

What a fantastic day!

The Dawn Patroller caught the early morning mist.

With this hare posing - as they do.

As do the deer.

In the afternoon I had to go to Fraserburgh. It was so hot and so still. I parked up at the harbour where the smaller fishing boats anchor and got these two pictures.

So warm. And no wind. Bliss. And no rain forecast for the next few days. Already the permanent repair to the garage roof has been done. Tomorrow the lawns will be cut.

Later I went down into my studio (summerhouse) and attempted to make works of art of these photographs of cows that the Dawn Patroller had taken for me. Very brave, as he is frightened of cattle. But I guess there was a big fence they were behind.

I keep telling him they are just interested and curious and friendly.....

My use of pencil and pastels - well, need a bit more practice!

A finished knitted baby blanket. It does have flecks of colour in it. But I am up against a daughter who does not like pastels or blue for a boy. Which is what is due any day now.

Project for the next rainy day. Since we moved in here I have been getting rid of carpets. I do not like carpets. We have three cats and I prefer to see the paw prints, flea evidence or whatever and remove it easily and hygienically. Thus I prefer hard flooring. For some reason the Dawn Patroller was very reluctant at me saying remove the carpet on the stairs.

Apart from it being carpet, it was also pink.

Whilst doing a manic vacuuming yesterday - why is it men do it more thoroughly than us? Probably because they do not do it every day. The carpet lifted, so he had a look. And what did he find? A beautiful wooden stair case underneath.

I hope you agree that once the pink carpet has gone we will have a gorgeous staircase.

Minus any pplaces for cat fleas to hide.

Then I can really enjoy the Indian Summer and the Winter too.


Making it vintage said...

I love the fishing boat photo's, the day does look very still, very brave of your dawn patroler to get those cow pics.........what a fantastic staircase under your pink carpet, great discovery. x

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful photos, and what a difference you've made to the staircase! Enjoy this beautiful weather, and I hope you're feeling much better these days.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I also meant to say, what a beautiful blanket! I hope your daughter will perhaps be a bit more flexible about boy colours. I seem to recall all boy clothes available when my son was young were either brown, black or various shades of blue. Not very exciting.