Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Banff and Gardenstown and the NEOS.

Our day visiting the North East Open Studios began at Banff Castle.

Unfortunately there isnt much left of it and an 18th century mansion replaced it. They then painted it yellow.

This statue is how garden ornaments should be.

Unfortunately the actual art was displayed on the stair case of the house and all the doors off were marked closed.... There was supposed to be a cafe, well I could smell the coffee, but it must have been behind a locked door. No-one around, of which there were few, seemed interested in us at all, so we left. Disappointed. I shall be emailing someone to say so.

The weather forecast strong winds in the North East of Scotland. For once it was right.

Moi enjoying the sea breeze. Gardenstown. Built on a cliff. A steep cliff.

These were the steps I had to climb. To go from one open studio to the next.

When we got to the top Mike reminded me I had an inhaler for just such an event. Well thanks a bunch. I rarely have to use my emergency inhaler but I am supposed to use it before I attempt some Olympian task.

Going down was much easier.

Our car was parked at the other side of the Scottish Water van. It really needed a car wash after this. Someone should set one up, they would make a fortune. Narrow roads and not being able to see out of windscreen or rear windscreen, not a good idea.

The roads are so narrow. I had at first attempted to park nearer to the gallery. But after clipping a van I decided to turn round and go back and then hit the bloody wall..

And the sea making a determined effort to swamp me didnt help.

So the gallery with peaceful photographs of another day in Gardenstown was welcome.

The sea so calm on this day there was this amazing reflection. (By Richard Eason.)(

The climb up the steps was to the Garden Arms Hotel for more art - and lunch. Homemade tomato and basil soup and sandwich. Bliss,divine, the soup was out of this world. Am strange name for a pub in the middle of a fishing village . None of the houses had a garden. Or the pub!

Our last visit was to a pottery. This was at the Mill of Nethermill. Owned by an American couple. They are turning the mill into holiday cottages Lynn Pitt is the potter and we purchased this beautiful candlestick she had made.

It is intended as a Christmas Present for a friend, but may not actually get that far......

So its home again. And another day to plan! As far away from cliffs, narrow roads and the sea as possible.

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