Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Pitsligo Visual Arts Exhibition.

Yes! More art! Well - in a bit.
First off, the Dawn Patroller went to our nearest village to buy the Sunday Paper. In the car, so cheating a bit, he wasnt patrolling on foot.
We now buy Scotland on Sunday. Which to be honest is an awful newspaper. They spell things wrong, they get the date wrong, and some articles end halfway through a sentence.
We used to buy the Sunday Times. But with all the kerfuffle over the phone hacking and everything decided enough was enough.
But I am seriously considering something else for a Sunday paper. Any suggestions? Any one that spells things correctly and actually recognises Scotland is part of the World?
More of the Dawn Patrollers viewings.
A Grey Plover on the beach at Cairnbulg.
Shags and Great Black Backed Gull on rocks also at Cairnbulg.
So that was the morning. (I was rolling around with the vac.)
Afternoon was the New Pitsligo Visual Arts Exhibition of 2011. Thirty years this has been going and goes from strength to strength.
Part of the exhibition.
There were 267 pictures in a variety of mediums, watercolours, oil, acrylic, pencil, pen, graphite and wool. There were 100 photographic entries and 67 craft entries, wood, jewellry, knitting, patchwork et al.
Mind blowing. But - the DP and me decided we could do as good if not better than many of the works on display. So we have signed up for next year as exhibitors, gulp.
New Pitsligo is on of the many 'planned' villages around here in the North East of Scotland.
The main street looks like this all along. Created in 1787 by Sir William Forbes. It's main industry was lace making and this still carries on. Not in the industrial sense any more. But there is an active group of lace makers still tatting away here. Their work is displayed in the community run cafe, the Four Cs, and they were also tatting away on the stage at the Exhibition. The DP and I had cappucino for me and tea for him and a cake after the viewing at the Four Cs.
Which stands for Craft, Community, and I cant remember the rest. Who cares? The cake was yummy.
So - on the 31st New Pitsligo Visual Arts Exhibition there will be a new contributor, or may be two if I can

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