Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Well hello.

Been trying to draw sheep - not successfully. Neither have I been successful in publishing my blog. After upgrading all sorts of things just so I could speak to family who have all gone from facebook to google plus, I have been unable to view blogs I visit or publish mine own. So yet another go.

This is a house, ruined house called Knowsie. Near no other house, it is surrounded by undergrowth. The Dawn Patroller went off on his bike and found it after a friend who is a local historian told him about it.

Do you think Sleeping Beauty was Scottish?

I have carried on drawing birds.

My view from the summerhouse has changed now the barley is cut and the straw baled.

The view inside remains much the same with Puzzle cat on one side.

And Sith cat on the other.

Minerva was washing her nether regions so I did not take a picture.

Well here goes, about to press the publish button.

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