Friday, 9 September 2011

A Dreich Day.

It rained almost all day. So the straw that was baled yesterday got wetter and wetter.

I went off to the supermarket to look at toys. My grandson is 3 next month and before that will be having to endure a new baby brother. So something for him for being sooooooo clever and nice to his sibling (who will be showered with gifts so lets nip the jealousy in the bud)...... Postman Pat's van and Postman Pat and a few friends went into the trolley. Along with some Lilies for me.

The ones actually in flower are from the garden. They smell blissful.

The Dawn Patroller came across a whole herd of deer. Seven in total, but not close enough together for a photograph for the whole shebang.

Here's another.

They are roe deer, so quite big, but some of the straw bales are much bigger.

Rained off, the Dawn Patroller made jam. This after he had weighed what he already had gathered and it wasnt quite enough so he went off on his bike down the ex railway track and got some more and very wet.

In gratitude I dragged out the ironing board and ironed his clothes.

A Dreich Day.

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