Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday, sweet Sunday with nothing to do.....

Skype in the afternoon. Eldest daughter and grandson.

Nowadays families are split up all over the place. Work, finances, all sorts of reasons. So it is good we can actually see and speak to our loved ones. Before Skype our grandson would take the whole of their stay with us to become comfortable again and know who Grandma and Granddad were. Now when he arrives at our door its, "Grandma!" swiftly followed by "Where's my car!" He has a Little Tykes Bubble Car which is the only car parked in our garage as its crammed with other stuff and theres no room for a real car.

The family of pheasants paid a visit in the afternoon also. Two are feathering up as males.

Minerva McGonagall giving them a beady eye.

Up above a Buzzard soars.

And the geese are back.

You can just see the skein of geese above the telephone wire and that is our cottage.

The geese come in their thousands to overwinter at our nearby bird reserve the Loch of Strathbeg.

Mike took another picture of the geese and BBC Autumn watch have put it in their favourites!

He has spent the morning with plenty to do and put a temporary repair onto our garage roof. We are waiting for Hurrican Katia to hit us. The last big wind we found the garage flooded and a frog sitting in the middle of it. He has also gone round the garden moving things that might blow over/cause damage/be lost forever. We get the odd strong wind here anyway so are well used to it. Once the hurricane has passed a more permanent repair will be done to the garage roof. But for now - its batten down the hatches and for me to carry on knitting. So something to do on a Sunday.


Bad Penny said...

Modern technology has made keeping in touch so easy. We plan to get Skype for when my husband & daughter are away sailing.

A frog in the pond in the garage sounds funnt !

Jill said...

I am thick, how will they skype in the middle of the ocean? Or will it be in some internet cafe on land?