Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work in Progress.

Rain and wind. So we stayed inside.
The Dawn Patroller had been out - more later - but was then rained off so got stuck in to removing the pink (yeuk) carpet from the stairs, a bit of sanding and this is what we have.

A beautiful wooden staircase. Which will be so easy to keep clean and nowhere for little nastys to hide (cat fleas). Our cats are regularly deflead and wormed, but its far more of a battle if the wee bity bugs can hide down carpet edges and make their nursery there. Urggghhhh.

I drove to Cairnbulg to the library in the morning as I had had an email to say two of the books I had ordered were there. Now either I am a very distinctive person, or they dont have many people going into the library as as I walked in I was met with a beaming smile and handed the two books.

So as it was raining and windy I thought I would start. Especially as the child this is for is due to be born tomorrow.....If he follows his big brother's example it will be a while yet, but I hope not.

Then lo and behold the sun came out and so did the combine harvester. This field is at the back of our house.

It must be one of the last fields of barley to be cut. But manoeuvring around the telegraph poles cannot be easy, so no doubt the driver has to have a lot of encouragement before tackling it. Or he has run out of excuses.

So the Dawn Patroller caught these sunrise pictures. The new blog header being my favourite and the one below taken not long after.

Back to the knitting. Hope you all have a pleasant evening. And tomorrow - another beautiful sun rise and more work in progress.

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