Thursday, 31 March 2011

The White Stag.

This is an aerial view of the White Stag on Mormond Hill. This is the side of the hill we see from our current house, and will see from our 'new' house.

Apparently this was created as a wedding present. That is as far as my research has got to. I am lured on to find out more!

And unlike other such man made creations, our horse and stag being the only two in Scotland, it is made from quartz. Most of the others, in England, are from chalk.

This picture below, which is of the horse, shows how it has been made. Now how did they do that? There weren't aerial photographs then, so how did they get all the proportions right? Quite amazing.

I just had a silly thought. Obviously both the stag and the horse are best seen from a distance. If you were walking on the hill and came across this load of stones you would have no idea what they were there for. So did they have someone across the fields bellowing, right a bit, down a bit, you've missed a bit.........!

Just chuck a few more stones on Jimmy.

Another thought, it is very nice that soon I will have the time to really get stuck into researching the area I live in!

Our very last paying guest is in. Due to be arriving 'early evening', he arrived at 3p.m. Deep breath. I will not have to deal with this any more. Very nice man. But oh one does wish they would think about what is required to ready the place for paying guests. So he had to circumnavigate the vacuum cleaner in the dining room.....

Little does he know that his bed is in the classifed adverts in the local paper.

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Lynn said...

I have visions of you selling the bed with him still in it :)