Wednesday, 30 March 2011

White horse, Mormond Hill.

Not the best of photographs. Apologies. Story is that some king way back lost his horse and one of his men gave him his. This was done to commemorate that. On the other side of the hill, that we can see from our current house, is the stag. Not sure of the story on that one, something for me to find out. I feel another book coming on!

The morning was spent going to the doctors. All my results are back from all manner of tests done on my digestive system, including the torture of the endoscopy. I swear, if there's ever anything wrong in that region I wont tell anybody. I never,ever, want to go through that again.

Nothing major found. So thats another bit of me that had stress as the answer.

I have had most of my body throwing up problems that eventually were put down to stress. Skin rashes, high blood pressure, loss of voice.

On my gravestone will be the words, "She thought it was stress again...."

The afternoon was at the hairdressers. Best antidote to stress. Head massage. Someone else doing things for you. And a good end result.

Also managed to pack a few more boxes in between.

Off out through the mist and murk to Rotary this evening.

Just had a phone call from our phone company. Our new telephone number for the new house. But you gave us a new number a week ago, and I have spent all day yesterday giving it out.


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