Thursday, 3 March 2011


Reading up on the churches. 300, 300! worshippers. Where did they come from, how did they get there?

Ancient map of the area. You can see where Longside is, where we are still living. (allegedly till the 15th April.) If you draw an imaginary line from Cairnbulg point to Rathen our new abode is somewhere there. Although geography was never one of my strong points.
Lonmay is a very widespread area with houses dotted here and there.

Mormond Hill, from which this picture was taken, we can see from our current home. Standing on top of the hill looking over towards the North Sea, encompasses Lonmay. Though I can't see the house we are moving to!
But you get the idea of the surrounding land. Whereas here we look out onto, what has been termed, prairie farming. Huge fields which grow crops of barley, wheat, oats, oil seed rape, carrots, in Lonmay there are more cattle and sheep. And its flatter. Here at Greenbrae the description would be more ' rolling countryside'.
But, wherever you are in Buchan, there is always the big sky.

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