Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Knuckle.

First I must apologise to readers of both my blogs. As I inadvertently put a posting on this one for the other and vice versa!
This blog is the new life, the new area, although not that far away, it is completely different to where I am now. But from mid April this is where I will be.
Inverallochy is our nearest village which is right alongside the village of Cairnbulg. Both ancient fishing villages. Both have castles, though Inverallochy is now a ruin. Kinnaird is a lighthouse that was built on top of the castle, and where the Lighthouse Museum is at Fraserburgh. The only one I am not sure of is Dundarg, but Cairnbulg is lived in, the rest are ruins, indeed at least one has been buried by the sand.
I now have a load of furniture to go to Peterhead Projects Re-Use Charity. To witness the house emptying will be strange.
We came here from a much smaller house and over the years have furnished all the rooms, now we have to reverse that!
Some of the furniture I have rescued from charity shops or had it from fellow freecyclers and I have given a lot of t.l.c. to these items and been rewarded by the wood coming back to life with a glow, and a chair re-upholstered just makes your heart zing.
Perhaps I could start a factory up in the summerhouse!
I hope that at the weekend we can view our wee house again and I can concentrate on the summer house to see if it is possible to take some much loved pieces after all.
The main house would not be right at all for such stuff. Its all black shiny work surfaces, shabby chic it is not. I can cope with that and will put my own stamp on it never fear.
Its exciting int it.

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