Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Studio!

Wherein I shall also write me book, sew, chill out, play opera full blast, and have a wine down.
On todays viewing we discovered that there is a sink unit within, all plumbed, and a fridge, what more could you ask for? Also power, and not a hint of damp, and the floor solid enough to take the weight of my cherished huge chest of drawers.

This patio door is in the kitchen and is at the side of the house. Where the halogen heater is, is where Phoebe, our parrot, will be. In her new cage. Ordered yesterday.
She is not aware of how lucky she is, as for a while she was on the recycling list.
But as she is one of my daughters, albeit feathered and noisy, she is still my responsibility and we are hoping that with a bit more attention, which she will get as we do not have to cater for bed and breakfast guests, the noise might be lessened.
She gets shut away quite a lot, because of paying guests, but still demands, in her own special way, that she meets and greets everyone and if for some reason or another this does not happen - well - just imagine yourself in the Amazon jungle.
Through the patio door you can see our nearest neighbours. There is a road between us, which is beyond the brown coloured , very manicured hedging.
This picture shows the breakfast bar and inbuilt t.v. Ye gods. Not sure how long that will last.

Last lot of measuring done on todays visit. Pleasantly surprised as to how much I wanted to keep will fit.
Down to the nitty gritty I was counting plug sockets, I needn't have bothered.
This house is wired in to NASA I shouldn't wonder.
Mike has arranged for a guided tour from the man of the house, (who we still haven't met.) This tour to be instructed as to how all the wiring works and what its for.
"So we dont go up in flames", I said.
This was in response to a "What do you want to know that for?" as if we had asked for the bank account details, or their blood group.
Then the mobile phone was ditted and handed over, so Mike could explain what he wanted to know - and why - to the man of the house who was "Out with the dog", as he has been every time we have viewed the property.
It would appear that I could play my opera and it would be blasted out to every room. So he wants to know where to switch it off!
Telephone into every room, computer into every room, t.v. in every room. Not sure I can take all this technology.
Our chest freezer has just gone, collected by a freecycler. In a howling gale and rain. I only put it on this morning and had just managed to scoop up all the ice. (Someone had left the lid up....and it wasn't me.)
So, rooms are emptying.
Also today our buyers have been offloading some of their garden furniture and pots. Another hour with them .
I tell you I really do look forward to being downsized, retired, but still managing a wine down - right now.

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