Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More packing.

I have almost run out of boxes!
Pictures are a problem. I even resorted to watching a video online. This showed you how to wrap a picture, well, I think even I could do that without a video. What it did not tell you is what you do with them then. Do the removal men load them up one at a time? Or should I stick a few together with the parcel tape? The smaller pictures that fit into a box are fine, I have stuck some cushions in with them as added protection. But we do have a number of larger pictures.
I will just bubble wrap them and lean them up against the boxes and hope for the best. There are quite a few large mirrors too....Even after all this bubble wrapping and parcel tape I still have a box full to car boot. The house we are moving from has acres of wall and I was continually adding to our picture gallery over the years!
As well as all the packing up of a very large house and its contents and praying it will all fit in to a much smaller house we are arranging for the utilities to be stopped here and started there.
Talk Talk who we had chosen as the cheapest package of telephone/broadband/etc. informed is that the house was 'not on the system' so it would cost us a lot more to go with them. (?)
Could this be some clever marketing ploy or are they yet another of the companies who think Aberdeenshire is one of the islands in the North Sea? Ordering things online can be quite annoying when our post code demands a higher delivery cost. As my friend Lena says, who orders lots for her business, "We do have roads, we do have one of the richest cities 30 minutes away, so why the ****** h*** do I have to pay more?"
We ended up with British Telecom. They informed us that the telephone at our new abode was cut off in November last year.
So how come we telephone the owners and speak to them?
Anyway they are to provide us with what we want and we do have a new telephone number. Problem was that by the time Mike had got this far, the air was just clearing from definitely blue, to a pale mauve, as he had listened to the menu of press this button for this and this button for that, and not one instruction was for give me a telephone; but he had written the number down. I was just about to set off and send this to family and friends, I looked at it and said, "How come all our friends at Lonmay have a number starting 53 and you have written 58?" I tell you its a wonder we have a workable telephone right now! Crash!
All these years and he never told me he was dyslexic! (and I am not, but still unsure as to the spelling).

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C M Flower said...

If he's getting numbers wrong then he's dyspraxic (sorry to be nit-piccy) but you should know that!