Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sunset last night.

Just hoping we get as good as this when we move. Or should I say be able to see it. It isnt the sort of thing you get on a house specification is it? It has to be better than watching it set behind roofs, and theres no chance of that!
Today we sold the brass bed. I was quite stunned. I like it, indeed love it, but didnt really expect anyone else to.
I did wonder about handing over a plaque stating that all my children had been conceived in that bed, but thought better of it! Too much information.
A lovely couple, who are putting their cottage back to how it should be, bought it.
They are also to take the large old fashioned wardrobe we inherited with the house. And if my beautiful huge chest of drawers wont fit anywhere in our new house, they want that as well.
We are going to measure up at our new abode tomorrow afternoon. Then it really will be on the downward/downsizing track.
On Monday I begin to pack up the 100 boxes the removal man is to bring.
We have two more bookings for our b&b. A couple in next weekend who have visited here before. And then one man at the end of the month. For one night, whoever took that booking has a lot to answer for.......
So far we have managed to, almost, clear the loft. Boxes are piled high on one leg of the corridor, out of view to paying guests. Mike's car is full of more stuff for the tip. Mine with stuff for charity.
It is snowing heavily today, so we did not go to the car boot. That will have to now wait for two weeks, as we have the paying guests in. Hopefully by then the weather will have improved.
The snow isnt lying but with temperatures forecast to plummet over night it may well be deep and crisp and even by the morning. Hasnt stopped the birds singing. A blackbird is warbling away. Chaffinches are doing their bit. And the pheasant is calling. Well more like shouting.
On counting the boxes already filled, its a toss up between which lot are the most, the daughters, or the car boot stuff.
Not much of ours. Well, not yet.

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