Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sunset last night.

Cool! Never, ever tire of the sky. Mother Nature is wonderful. I am surprised that men have allowed this to be a feminine title, they've grabbed everything else. Who says God is a he? It was certainly men who thought up the census form this year. How boring. They could have had a fun page, like whats your favourite colour, or flower, or film, or book. But no, its what do you do for work, what does it consist of, what do you actually do, try typing in bed and breakfast in answer to every question and you get a bit fed up of boring questions.
A picture of Minerva McGonagall who does not want to be left behind. She has nothing to worry about.

Today I set up and cleaned a guest room and this was the last time I shall ever do this for a paying guest!

This afternoon I waved good bye to two bin bags full of super king size sheets and quilt covers, that I had offered on freecycle (washed but NOT ironed). Yay.

The rest of the day has been taken up with telling insurance companies, and everyone else who takes money off us that we are moving. You dont realise how time consuming this is.

So no boxes packed by me today.

Mike has been sorting through the greenhouse, packing up pots, potting bench, seed trays, shelves. He then bravely went up the ladder with a saw and lopped a few branches which overhang our driveway. Not normally a problem as they are so high, but then, so are removal vans.

Out in the fields the tractors are sowing the next crop.

When we first visited Cherry Cottage the field at the front was full of sheep. Last time we visited the fields had been ploughed. Wonder what the crop will be there.

Its exciting int it.

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