Friday, 11 March 2011

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.

This lighthouse was built on top of the castle at Fraserburgh. It is now part of the Lighthouse Museum. In my healthier days I have been to the top of this lighthouse. It is just as if the keepers have left to go shopping. An old valve radio, iron beds, all very 1950s.
Fraserburgh will be our nearest town, not Peterhead. So no Morrisons, but a Tesco. Hmm, know which I prefer.
Well, we have now booked the removal firm. Lovely chap, deaf as a post. Just got his bus pass, so he can get a discount at the fish and chip shop. I had better go get a bus pass.
"Ye'll need a hundred boxes." A hundred! I have already got that many I thought. Where am I going to put 200 boxes in that tiny cottage?
So we sorted that out, they are all to go in the dining room, "So ye can sairt them all out at your leesure."
He did a lot of working out on his calculator. Not sure what formula he was using, probably think of a figure and then look as if you have worked it out scientifically. But the final amount was okay be me.
So, a 100 boxes being delivered on Monday.
4 weeks and four days from then - we move.

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