Saturday, 26 March 2011

Car Boot.

After a week of almost balmy weather and high temperatures for the time of year this morning it was cold, grey and showery.
Arriving just before 8a.m. to set up, we were joined by other car booters, in total six. I would say that we were alone in not being 'professional' booters. They all had those clothes hanger efforts on wheels and jewellry stands.
The boot sale is on an area of waste land where a block of flats were demolished. It is on a corner of two roads, so wherever you are there is a wind coming from one direction or another.
The first half hour brought the usual dealers, who pick out anything they consider re-saleable. Then the obvious regulars. Pockets crammed with empty carrier bags and the other pockets crammed with small change.
What I did find curious that these regulars spent a lot of time just walking from one end of the row of cars and back again. Not coming up to the stalls, just patrolling. And this went on til we left. One got the impression they were part of a coach trip. Perhaps there is a coach company somewhere that offers a tour of car boot sales. Saturday Peterhead, Sunday Thainstone (this is a big one).
Then there are the Grannies, usually in pairs, and who pick up an item, scrutinise it and ask how much, once they realise you just want rid and are asking silly money, they clear the stall, all the time saying loudly, "Oh this'll do for poor Aunt Nellie, she'll love this." "And Mrs McWhirter collects these silly things dont she?" Mike was so enamoured of this pair, that when she asked him if he had a bag meaning carrier bag, he grabbed a large hand bag I had actually never used, crammed stuff in it and beamed, "You can have the bag for nothing." Most expensive item on the bloody stall probably, all my own fault as I never ever say to him how much a thing has cost me, "Oh, it was in the sale, " is my usual. Serves me right, and I swear the old dear winked at me, as I stood there open mouthed.

There were two or three men of oriental appearance who did this parading, back and forth, for over an hour and never approached any stall. It was quite unnerving.
The chap who took the money, and walked around chatting to all the stall holders, told us they were probably thieves and he had his eye on them. He looked to be about 16, and the oriental gentlemen were copies of Oddjob from the Bond film, hmmm.
I had to go to the loo which meant a bit of a walk into the town. We must have picked a bad day, the place was deserted. I didnt pass anyone!
I did think about nipping into New Look and buying a coat. I do have a coat and I was wearing it, three jumpers and a hat and gloves, but I was frozen to the core.
When I got back there were fewer of the paraders and three of the cars were packing up.
We then had a flurry and I sold quite a few cds and dvds but by this time we were down to selling at 20p each, next we would be paying the customers to take stuff away.
One chap was raving about a video game on offer, but then said,"You should have that on ebay."
(I checked when I got home, selling at £2.50, not really worth the effort, and you have to post it off.)
By this time I could not stop shivering, teeth chattering, and was convinced hypothermia was setting in. So we called it a day.
We made our pitch money of £10, plus £16.20p. And when I had repacked up the boxes there was one empty box.
It has taken me four hours to warm up to a normal body temperature.
We still have loads left, and loads we didnt take this morning, but unless there is an indoor boot sale I wont be car booting again til the Summer.
I think I can take me coat off now, best leave the hat on a bit tho.

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