Friday, 1 April 2011

Stone Circles.

Yes, more cock eyed history lessons. Cock eyed as I still dont have the full story! But I will.

There are lots and lots of these stone circles all around us here.

This one is at Aikey Brae, not far away . Aikey Brae, more recently, was the setting for a horse fair. No longer. So much fascinating stuff to learn. There was also a racecourse nearby. One of the woods (White Cow Woods) we can see from our current house was part of a huge estate (Pitfour) and the owner built a look out tower in the middle so he and his guests could watch the races. How amazing is that! The tower is still there. The race course no longer.

I could go on, and I probably will.

Back to ground level. Our last paying guest departed this morning, and I still havent sold the bed(s). Although the bedding may have gone as that was put on freecycle this morning. I got rid of loads of superkingsize sheets and duvet covers earlier in the week to a freecycler. Apparently her husband had picked up the wrong pile to take to the charity shop and they were left with no bedding, so she was mighty pleased.

What I have put on today is the single bedding. Also two portable t.v.s with set top boxes. One needs the boxes as we went digital some time ago.

I got quite excited at having this freeview, but the extra channels consist of very few extra channels to the terrestrial ones, and now include one called Gay Rabbit. This appears to be a dating agency for gay people. I have nothing against gay people but I do object to not having ITV 3 which I used to get. Scottish T.V. has a strange aversion to paying for the new Midsomer Murders, and Miss Marple. So one has to get ones fix from repeats. Perhaps when we move we will have Sky in more than one room so I can have a wider choice.

Does anyone remember the days when you went to the Sunday School Tea and it was "Bring your own cup, plate and a spoon."? Well, I have packed everything, apart from a dinner plate each, 2 tea plates,(one for breakfast, one for lunch, and a glass and a mug each, so I hope we dont have visitors.

I have finally been allowed to remove all the pictures from the walls, of which there are many, pictures, I mean. Mike has always disapproved of my love of cushions. Well they certainly came in handy for packing up said pictures.

So as the day draws to a close I can say I have really enjoyed my first day of retirement. I do not have to get up tomorrow, I will, but I dont have to. I can leave out the paper I was reading. I can walk around in my dressing gown. I dont have to leap out of bed at 5a.m. and throttle the cat thats miaowing pitifully because it has come in and theres no one there to admire the latest furry kill of the day. I dont have to iron unless I want to. I dont have to smell kippers. I dont have to smile at obnoxious people. I can leave the spiders in the bath. I can sit in my own sitting room. I can run around naked. No, that I ever do, might see myself in a mirror, the shock would be too great. And I can have all the time in the world to find out about standing stones, and do a bit of standing still myself.


Jill said...

Does anyone know how I can get this stupid site to put in para spacing, it used to but now it doesnt, so I am not really illiterate, its the site. and its doing my head in.

Lynn said...

Thoughts of nakedness? In Scotland? In April? Get back to looking fer yer paragraphs, woman, and think on!
PS Happy retirement :)

Lynn said...

Others have had the paragraph problem & they say
"Once you have your blog entry typed, then click the tab headed Edit HTML and put your paragraphs in there by locating the place and pressing the Enter key on your keyboard at least twice."