Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Where would we be without photographs?
This is the Bull Ring in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. This is the town where I went to school, a bus ride away from our village. Here is where I stood under the bus station clock waiting to meet my date. You can just see the face of the clock above the shops facing.
A statue of Queen Victoria once took pride of place in the middle of this roundabout. Presumably, way before that, it was indeed a bull ring. Where cattle were sold?
Thanks to my friend Rita for posting this pic on facebook. A lot of other people's memories were triggered too.
I have lots of photographs, as I am sure many of us have. But, oh, how they deteriorate.
My wedding photographs have all taken on a deep brown tinge. And we got married in 1980, not 1930.
There is a lot to be said for digital photography and computers. Whilst I doubt I will ever accept Kindle, I like to feel and smell a book, even if they have shown their age, photographs are something else.
When we move I shall ear mark some time to trawl through all the old photos and get them scanned and onto a disc. Preservation.
All photographs, since we came to live in this house, which we are about to leave, are on the computer/and/or on a disc. Fresh as the day they were taken.
All ready for a walk down memory lane.

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Lynn said...

I thought I'd hate Kindle until I saw some favourite books (very old) for 1p in Kindle version -I know you have to buy the Kindle - but these books in book form are more than the Kindle - I think I could come round to it :)