Thursday, 10 March 2011

Today's loft clearance.

Car already full with flattened, cardboard boxes that once contained a variety of electrical equipment, most of it long gone to the tip and replaced! Didnt realise we had had so many toasters and microwaves. Along with all the polystyrene packing. Sheesh.
Apart from the box with the speakers on top, which is a box to be car booted, the rest belongs to the daughters.
Transferred my clothes from a wardrobe, to be recycled, into what was a guest room wardrobe. Also chest of drawers, to match, now in our bedroom with my stuff in. I have finally got a bed room with matching furniture! Bed and breakfast guests have been the priority for so long now I feel quite guilty at putting my clothes in ! Up till now we have had three rooms for paying guests. But have decided to go down to two till the 31st March, when we retire.
I had to go to the hospital yesterday which I had been dreading for some time. It is over now and I am feeling just a little frisson of excitement now that we are starting a new chapter in our lives.
We have had very strong winds here today. Fortunately it just stopped. I had visions of the roof coming off, a tree coming down, really do not want anything disastrous happening now......
Fortunately nothing happened so we have no excuse and are continuing with the loft clearance.

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