Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Phoebe gets her new home.

Way before we do! As you can see, she is still not sure about it. Normally she would be on the highest perch possible. But from the food on the floor of the cage, normal parrot behaviour take food out of bowl, have a taste, spit it out, repeat, she has been for an explore and found the fruit bowl and the walnut that was a treat.
We have just over four weeks to go before we move lock, stock and boxes. So a bit of stress at a time for the parrot, time to adjust to her new cage.
The move will not be as horrendous as the last move. That was nine hours of me driving a white van, from the Midlands in England, to the North East of Scotland. Three cats in one parrot cage, laid flat, and Phoebe in a smaller cage, gripping on to her perch and holding her body horizontal for the whole journey. Still unsure as to why she went horizontal, unless it was to see the car in front.
When youngest daughter and I arrived our first job was to undo the large parrot cage, get it into the house and put it up again for Phoebe to sleep in what she was more familiar with.
We just got her settled when it fell apart.
This time this cage will fit through doorways. It will be last onto the removal van and first off. Phoebe will be in a carry cage and the journey should take all of twenty minutes. That of course is if the solicitors do their bit and the keys of the new house are there when we need them.
Tomorrow morning we have Peterhead Projects Reuse team coming to take away some furniture that we will not need.
Mike has valiantly continued to clear the loft and is now on first name terms with the team at the tip.
I am beginning to think our removal man's estimate of 100 boxes was a bit out.
I know I am fed up of filling the damn things. Especially as so far none of it is our stuff that is going in them. Daughters.....
Mike is still of the opinion that people will buy anything at a car boot sale.
I look forward to our first - when we will return with everything he has put in - and nothing of mine. That is when I shall ask him to pay for the pitch.
And he will probably be invited to the tip team's Christmas party.

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