Sunday, 20 March 2011


Last pair of guests depart tomorrow.
Then I can really get packing boxes!
When our very last guest arrives at the end of the month he will probably be on an air bed with a flask.
We took Jemima Puddleduck to her new home this afternoon.
When we move we will be nearer to our friends, who have taken her, so will be able to visit, which is nice.
She now has four other ducks to play with. It took all of five minutes for the drake there to assert his droit de seigneur. Then followed the usual pecking order session with the other ducks. But she seemed fine, ate, swam in the pond, and was dibbling away in the mud as we left.
Hopefully a happy ending .
Our three cats are getting a bit worried with all the disappearances of furniture, and ducks. So a lot of reassurance being given.
And the cat travel boxes kept well out of sight.

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