Monday, 28 March 2011


This is the machine I have used for the last eight years, well I am on my second one, but thats by the by. Very efficient for bedding, particularly the super king size, which we use on our super king size beds in the b&b. Having not done as much ironing as usual, as we have no guests in, my scars are just about healed. Somehow, despite a lot of ironing and therefore an experienced steam press user, I always managed to burn my hands. Just yanking the huge sheets through I would end up touching the top plate, yow. Our buyers are aso buying this wondrous machine. So its back to the ironing board. Whilst googling for pictures of women ironing I was totally gob smacked as to how many famous artists have done pictures of women ironing. Picasso, and this one by Degas, which I absolutely love! Its title is 'Women ironing'. Well if the woman on the left is ironing, thats the sort of ironing I would love to do! Havent quite got as far as drinking out of the bottle tho. Despite all the decluttering, boxes off to the tip, charity shop, marked for car boot, freecycle, keep, I have not found one iron, and I know I had at least two. So my Mothers Day treat was me off to ASDA to buy a new one. Also a pretty ironing board cover as the board I did find. Packing away most mornings is now routine. This morning Mike told me "Dont go mad." This because I was taking pictures off the walls where guests go..... We have one last guest in on Thursday. A single man, the booking Mike took, despite my mouthing at him, "NO!" The fact that the library is now stacked high with boxes containing books, and empty shelves all around them, and the corridors also have boxes stacked up, I think our guest just might have a clue that we are flitting. So a bare wall where once there were pictures and who is to know if they never saw the wall when there were pictures?????????????? I am rather cross about this booking. I have had to hang fire on quite a lot of activities. Such as selling the bed he will sleep on! And the sideboard on which will be displayed the cereals, fruit juices, yoghurts..... Oh well, once he has departed, I will be going mad. Because then there will only be two weeks to go. Before we do.

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