Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ever decreasing circles.

To get rid of, to keep, getting nowhere fast. This one is going.

To keep.

Our buyers, who are to continue doing bed and breakfast have not indicated that they wish to buy any of the guest rooms bedroom furniture. Which was a bit of a shock.

Or the bedding, or the towels. All of which are top quality. And none of which we use!
So I guess theres a plus. We can now enjoy the high percale cotton mix sheets and soft white fluffy towels.
But the furniture, beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bed side tables, and just how many bed side lights can a person deal with? And televisions.
I already have a list of stuff going to Peterhead Projects Reuse. They take in furniture and household stuff and sell it on.
I have tons of stuff for car booting.
Now, I am probably going to have to get in a second hand furniture dealer.
I have four notebooks on the go with lists in. One for day to day activities, WHAT TO DO TODAY. One for the house we are selling, one for the house we are buying and another notebook that attempts to co-ordinate the other three!
Could do with another one headed, "Get a Life."


Jill Ashton said...

I say put it all on ebay and let them come!

Lynn said...

Get away with yer - you're in your element!! I have yet to know a happier Jill than when she has a project. Mind you, this must be one of your biggest to date - lol!
Much love - am really excited for you.