Thursday, 17 March 2011

Not our house, but very like!

What a day.
The Re-use charity were due at 11a.m. So I moved all the furniture into the corridors ready for them, and moved my stuff, to keep, out of sight, just in case they got carried away and removed everything in sight. Also moved the tip stuff and charity shop out of the way.
12 o clock no sign. So I phoned to be told they wouldn't be coming till after 1p.m.
So I began to boil my eggs for lunch and there they were coming up the drive.
Now, what did I say about them removing everything in sight?
"Hmm, Cant take that, Health and Safety." I must have heard that phrase so many times.
The arm chairs dont have a fire warning label. The chest of drawers is rickety, well yes till you slide the back in the grooves, I just hadnt got round to doing that after I had moved it.
The castors were off the bed side table, ever heard of screwing them back in? And on and on.
This a charity which claims to make new from old. If they havent the skills to screw a castor on, then how do they perform their claim?
Then we came down to "Not enough room in the van." They had come with a list I had provided, which included a large, old fashioned wardrobe and a nest of tables, both items I had managed to give away, which is just as well as there is no way they would have got the wardrobe in their van even had it been empty.
So I am left with more for the tip and quite a lot to now put on freecycle. Hoping to avoid the latter as I have found of late that people will leap to email you to say YES I really want that and then three days later say well I didnt really, so you have to start all over again.
All the magazines telling you to rid yourself of clutter. Well it aint easy.
Bonfire next.

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