Monday, 7 March 2011

A septic tank.

How exciting is that!
But for the last few days in this buying and selling game it has been an all consuming subject.
At the very last minute our buyers solicitors wanted us to mark with a cross on a map exactly where our two were. Despite the fact that legally nowadays you have to have registered them with the Scottish Environmental Agency. Which we have done and paid for the privelege. The certificate even has the ordnance survey references. But no, we have to put a cross on a map.
Even worse is that our new house has no legal documentation as to where the septic tank soaks away or even more scary where the 'mains water' comes from.
So just as we thought everything was done and dusted. Far from it. Solicitors now meeting at dawn.
On with the downsizing, and decluttering. Ye gods. Mike goes up into the loft and throws boxes down for me to sort out. So far we have come across one box that has anything to do with us!
E mails now flying back and forth from me to daughters. Do you really want to keep............?
Then I reseal the box and label it and they pile up and up.

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