Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sea Eagle.

This is one big bird. If it were to stand on the ground and face me we would be eye ball to eye ball.
Usually seen on the west, we have had a regular visitor around here called Ralf. I think the name is from the letters on his id tag.
Mike had a day off from house clearing today and went off to our local bird reserve at the Loch of Strathbeg. When we move house we will be much closer.
He has officially volunteered now. The manager of the reserve is a personal friend of ours. We had him and his wife stay with us whilst house hunting.
He rubbed his hands with glee, they are a bit short of actual bird watchers on their staff as there is a lot of maintenance work the staff do, and the bird watchers who do come are not necessarily coming on a regular basis or want the responsibility.
Dominic has said Mike can take his car where others are not allowed to and watch the sea birds.
The Loch of Strathbeg is very close to the sea.
I fully intend to go with him on those trips. Just imagine your own private view point. Fantastic beach, sand dunes, I can draw, take photographs and watch the sea. All from the comfort of the car, not a draughty hide where you have to speak in whispers.
In fact I might decide to leave Mike at home. No, better not, I have only just worked out the difference between a cormorant and a shag. And I still can't pick out an eider duck.
But I do know a sea eagle when I see one. In fact I duck.

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