Thursday, 24 March 2011

Loch of Strathbeg.

This is the beach, the loch is (obviously!) to the left. Yes this IS the North East of Scotland. Beautiful? Yes.

From this ancient map you can see how close to the beach and sea the loch is.
(Our 'new' house is to the left, off the map.)

I have mentioned this bird reserve owned by the RSPB, of which we are members, on this blog and my previous one. (Greenbraebedandbreakfast.blogspot.)
Over the years we have had many diverse connections with the reserve.
When we first came to live here it was the place Mike headed to. He is more an out and about bird watcher than I, who am quite happy with noting what is in our garden.
There was very little bird life in the garden,when we first came here, but, as we added feeding staions all around, the bird population and variety built up. So we have our own little bird reserve.
Then we provided bed and breakfast for the new manager, Dominic and his wife as they house hunted. And became firm friends.
Next were major works at Strathbeg, for clearing silt and ditching work, environmental surveys and so on, and again we housed the workers, professionals et al. So we have always felt a close connection and interest in the reserve. Now we are moving nearer to live.
Where we live at Greenbrae, (for a few more weeks), we have experienced the excitement in the Autumn of thousands and thousands of pink footed geese that arrive at the Loch of Strathbeg, every year, to overwinter and feed. These geese fly over Greenbrae, in great skeins, calling to each other, a really heart stirring sight and sound. Some years, depending on what is growing in the fields that surround Greenbrae, we have had the geese land and feed quite close. Amazing sight. The geese go westward in the morning to their feeding grounds and then back east in the evening.
The farmers around the Loch are paid by the RSPB to set aside fields of grass to feed the geese to minimise the damage that they can do to other growing crops around. But we still get the huge skeins flying over heading somewhere else! Then, back in the evening to roost at Strathbeg.
It is a good feeling that our involvement with the Loch of Strathbeg will continue.
If you are still with me after all this about Strathbeg the downsizing continues with our first car boot sale on Saturday. ......

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