Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Grumpy Old Woman, well, not always.

The appointment at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary was 11.a.m.  This meant we had to be on the road by 9.30. a.m.  Its over 30 miles from here to Aberdeen, which doesnt sound much, but even without the road works for the new peripheral road or whatever it is called it takes a while.  Mainly single carriageway.  As there are many road works the normal 60 mph limit is down to 50.  Then you hit the reason for all the road works.  The appalling road system in and around Aberdeen, including the infamous Haudagain roundabout.

Which one has to circumnavigate to the road which eventually leads to another roundabout, second left and turn right to the huge hospital complex.  I hated the whole journey.  As you get into the built up area you can taste the car fumes.  Not good for lungs.

The staff from car park attendant, receptionist, radiologist were fantastic.  

None of this Elf and safety as the radiologist said "We aren't supposed to touch you, but once that door is shut, who is to know."  She helped me on - and off the bed.

This pic is from the internet.  My machine came up from the bottom of the bed, was lower but did the same thing.  Having to lay flat on a hard surface was the start of the discomfort.  (Chris Elliot I have had many a time my breasts have been squashed for the breast screening, far prefer that to this with fractured spine and compressed vertebrae!)  Some of the positions I had to put my legs into made it worse.  So this next one - and it was the last - was bliss...

I have lost another inch in height.  As the DP said, "When do you expect to disappear?"

But he did make my day as when I asked "Do I look as old as the other women in the waiting room?"  He replied, "Not at all." 

Should say that when I returned to the waiting room, me being me, announced, " Well that was awful."  

Then swiftly realising not everyone appreciates my sense of humour I said, "Not really!!"

4 weeks for the results to my gp.  Should be 2 but the consultant is on holiday.  And well deserved I am sure.

I had thought we would have lunch at a Macdonalds.  I so love the gherkin.  But was relieved when the DP said "Lets go home."

Such terrible news, every half hour on the radio as opposed to hourly.

So after an hour on the bed trying to relax the discomfort in my back I went, with the aid of the chariot, for a tootle round the garden.

Two Clematis, think they are both Montana?

We have one Laburnam, I know it has bad press, but I love it.  I once saw an avenue of these and wished I could have such an avenue.  But I just have this between the Ornamental Cherries by the Shedudio.

We have two Lilac trees.  Now blooming.  Really in need of some drastic cutting back. 

And look!  The plug plants are thriving.  Not one got by slugs.  Yay.

Becky Carrier
13 hrs
I'll tell you what Muslim's did in Manchester last night, they got in their cabs turned off the meters and drove people home safely out of the goodness of their hearts because muslims are good people, terrorists on the other hand are something else and the 2 should not be confused.
And I leave you with this. 


kjsutcliffe artist said...

I read that too, and it is true, save for the few rogue fanatics who occur in every culture, folk of of all races pull together in times of tragedy. 😳 glad your 'jolly-out' to the bone density checkup is over.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Just imagining all the people in the waiting room looking in horror when you said how awful the procedure was!

Plug plants looking good

Scarlet said...

I had a dexa scan last month due to steroid use for an auto immune disorder. I found some of the positions painful too, so it must have been agony with a fractured spine. How true that comment is. My next door neighbours are Muslim, and are the best neighbours I've ever had... Kind, generous, caring, and so different to the white, middle class, privately educated woman who was a neighbor from hell and forced the move from my last home.