Wednesday, 17 May 2017

All done - well not quite.

The joiner has finished.

He left quite a lot of stuff.  If I knew what to do with it I would have been a joiner.  

We saved the insulation in case someone else can utilise it.  But the mdf left over has gone to the tip courtesy of the DP.

Now it has to be painted.  The joiner said he would just leave it as it was.  As it does make the space darker and is not a good colour to hang paintings on it will be painted.

The DP also bought some undercoat on his way back from the tip.

Despite all the cutting being done outdoors there is a heck of a lot of dust covering everything we left in the shedudio.  I need to find my mask so I can get a damp cloth and clean everything.....  So still unable to get back in there.  I shall have forgotten how to wield a paintbrush.  

The top of the walls will have a state of the art hanging system fitted.  I am struggling to curb my impatience.

Once the joiner had gone I went off to do the .59 on the Prom.

I shouldn't say this, but it was almost too hot for me!

Rat update.  Have not seen any rats today.  Bait untouched.  

There is no point in reintroducing the other bird feeder stations, in particular the one outside the shedudio, just yet. Plus the DP will be continuing to check the bait traps.  But I have my fingers crossed.

Someone complimented me on my glasses.  I go for the teenage range.  They are a heck of a lot cheaper than the ones they try and get me to choose.  The opticians assistants think I am mad.  Well not quite yet.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I laughed at your choice of teenage specs frames. This happened to me - I chose quite (relatively) cheap red frames which I really liked. The optician was quite scathing - pointing out they were for teenagers.
When I got the bill the frames were reasonable in price but the lenses were special ones which were £150 each!!

Sue in Suffolk said...

My reading glasses are all bright colours thanks to having daughter who is practice manager at small opticians in her town. She tries out different suppliers to find me all the colours