Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Woke up tired?  Bad dreams of being scanned and then being eaten by the scanner!

Hope that is just an odd day/night.  

Managed to get up, abluted, dressed and out for my Wednesday Art Group.  When I got in the car and started it up I sounded like a boy racer.  boom boom.

Off to Art Group.

The washing up liquid is to make bubbles you then drop it into your paint and - you get -bubbles.

Most of us were painting fleers. (Flowers.) (Fleers is Doric.) We had books written by Ann Blockley.  

Some of her ideas I found very exciting.  I have borrowed one of the books.  

One of our members is a professional artist and advised me to start with the background so I was flinging salt around and applying clingfilm and really enjoyed the session.  Totally forgot to photo my effort, but this was the beginning.

I am now desperate to get the shedudio finished and get down there and paint.....and experiment.  As a self taught artist I have developed my own style, but feel it has become stale.

But I had the exhaust to sort out first.  The DP followed me to the wonderful garage we go to which sorts out tyres and exhausts.  They are a local family firm.  As you pull in to their car park one off the lads (loons = Doric) is coming out to greet you.  Tells you how long a wait, how long it will take to fix.  You are welcome into their office and provided with coffee.  Now isnt that just wonderful?  As it was we decided the DP would take me down to the beach for me to walk while he shopped.  So I left the keys and off we went.

Weatherwise it was warm.  We are not used to warm up here and no wind we are not used to that either.

The Path of Doom.  I did it.  Hardly any rubbish.  I began to smile.

This Herring Gull made me smile even more, "Still cold in the North Sea." !

And this group including Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gull seemed to be working on a new dance routine.

This young Herring Gull was clearly saying, "This is my rock."  

My walk certainly helped my mental state.  I could forget the bad dreams.  I was smiling again.

The DP came and drove me back to the garage where the car was waiting, all done. £156 for 2 new bits of exhaust including labour.  Well.  

The day definitely got better.  


kjsutcliffe artist said...

You've got me all interested to see your new painting :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

It's surprising how beneficial a good walk can be isn't it? Please show us your painting - it sounds so interesting.