Monday, 1 May 2017

May Day

Means nothing to me but I am sure it should.  Given my Labour Party supporting over the years.  

Today was much like yesterday.  Windy.  Not as much sun.  I did the walk tho again it was but half of the .59.

The Gulls felt the wind beneath their wings.

My wind indicators showed the way the wind was blowing as if I didnt know.

This Gull was heading straight for a big wave.

And out there was bleak.

But - there is always one who puts you to shame.

But I did it.

Once home a big bird tick.  A Brambling.

This female should be on her way Northwards. But decided to come to my garden.

This time of year is when many birds excite the twitchers.  Hence the DPs many absences.  There are now 5 Cranes at Strathbeg.  And lots of other birds and every ping on his phone usually means him disappearing.  This afternoon I had 3 of them in the shedudio ooing and aahing at the Redpolls, Siskins, and sadly the Rats, snapping pictures, in my back garden.

Well as regards the Rats I am now at I have had enough.  Babies are appearing.  Last chance is for our gardener to clear more undergrowth.  But as far as I am concerned the war has now become more serious.  We have done everything to discourage them.  They no longer react to noise, cayenne pepper, or me.  

May day, May day.  


Gail, northern California said...

Babies? Jeez Louise...enough already. Whatever it takes, get rid of them. You've been very patient, very tolerant but you can't afford to let them take over your home.

The Weaver of Grass said...

This did make me smile Jill. You need to get the rat man if there is such a thing up there before the rats take over.