Monday, 22 May 2017

Ariadne and I.

More of the same today as yesterday.

The DP went to get his hearing aids this morning.  I am hoping he now hears what I say, though I expect his hearing will be more selective.  We met for lunch which was a nice change.  I had a Brie and Bacon toastie with salad instead of my usual 2 Ryvitas.  We went as always, to the Dunes Coffee Shop.

Which was busier than this picture.  A good test for the hearing aids and they passed.

He went off to do the shopping, which he normally does Monday morning.  I went off to do my walk.  Which again was a short one.

Not a bad day (though it is hissing down now - which is good as I dont have to worry about not watering the 60 plug plants.)

This Linnet was having a bath in the burn feeding into the sea.  Lovely.

Home again, home again jiggety jig and more dust busting.  All surfaces now done.  

Ariadne at the Waters Edge has been placed to welcome guests to the shedudio....

She was a purchase we made many years ago from Gardeners World exhibition at Birmingham NEC.  She was an indoor water feature when we had a larger house.  But no longer does she have water coming out of her ears and cascading down her boobies. Which might be better all round really....

Tomorrow we go to Aberdeen.  To the main hospital.  Nightmare.  I am to have a bone density scan so have been frantically looking through my clothes to find a pair of trousers that are not jeans which are disallowed, metal studs and so forth, zips are allowed phew.  Hopefully I will be allowed to keep my clothes on as promised.  I havent worn a bra since my ribs got damaged last year so thats ok.  Ariadne and I have something in common.


Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope you get on OK at hospital and keep your clothes on!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

What? You both have water on the ear??! Hope it goes well 😊

Chris Elliot said...

A bone scan is a breeze compared to a mammogram! I hate them!!

Mum said...

Good luck with the scan. I hate wearing a bra - man's invention! Another ditty comes to mind - Do your boobs hang low, can you swing them too and fro? Oh dear I'd better stop there.