Friday, 19 May 2017

One of the 'hats' I wear.

Secretary to the Fraserburgh Art Society.  Each year the Society puts on an exhibition to promote the visual arts in Fraserburgh.  This has been going for decades.  And then fizzled out as the original members died, grew older, and so forth.  Four years ago it was decided to regroup and Fraserburgh Art Summer Exhibition (FASE) was born.

Last year's poster.

This year we are older, but hey ho.  Although this year it should be called FALSE. Fraserburgh Art (Late )Summer Exhibition, as it will be in October, during Tattie fortnight.  Schools break up for two weeks in October here as that is when years ago the pupils were all herded out into the fields picking tatties (potatoes)  now a machine does it but the schools still close for two weeks.

The lovely caretaker of Dalrymple Hall.  (Two of my paintings.)

Moi at the preview evening.  The horse is my painting. (Well it is my blog!)

The reception committee last year.  The painting to my right of hens was a raffle prize.  We had a heck of a job to get the winner to come and collect it.  At which point I nearly gave up painting, if you can't even give them away..................

So here we go again.  Our first meeting for this year's FASE was today.  Rather than try and work out what happened today, for the minutes , and not being able to understand a word I wrote, I am blogging instead.

When we came out of the meeting it was hissing it down with rain, so no walk.  So I went and chose some vinyl for the shedudio floor.

The fitting of which entails EVERYTHING in the shedudio coming OUT.  Why oh why did I ever start this......  Dunces hat could be the next I wear.


Terra Hangen said...

How funny to think of the exhibit as FA(L)SE. Please give us a close up of your horse painting in a future post. Even if you have already shared, I love horses and your paintings.

annamaria magda said...


Mum said...

It's going to look great and that's why you did it. Your next hat can be a party hat at the opening of the newly revamped shedudio.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I do have to admire your enthusiasm.

BadPenny said...

I like seeing your exhibitions x