Saturday, 13 May 2017


We have reduced our feeding stations for the birds down to one area, outside the kitchen window.

As you can see we also have moles!  

Just before the rats arrived we had plans for removing this, not very pretty, feeding station and having one more ornamental one there and one outside the dining room.

The DP put chicken wire round the bird feeders.  Samuel Whiskers just climbed up it, but not happy when we hiss at him and he struggles to get out.

This Black Box contains the bait.  Which was untouched .  

The DP went to the local supplier of farm stuff, feeds and so forth.  Advice there was to put the bait where they feed.  There had been feeders hanging from the fence so we removed them and placed the Black Box.

One other such place was outside my shedudio.  The bird feeders were removed from the Cherry Tree.

And these two cardboard tubes put in place.

When the DP checked all the bait this morning IT WAS ALL GONE!

Only one rat seen today.  I expect when we have completely eradicated this family we will have to continue with putting out bait....  But - we have a farmer friend and he said he had never seen such bold rats as these.  Out in daylight with people around.  

Just imagine when I open my studio to the public.

Instead of this - they see this.

Today we have had the HAAR.  This is a mist which rolls in from the sea.  Although when I went for my walk it was moving in and out.

On the horizon here.

Though the sea was still rough.

This sort of wildlife is brilliant.  Although much maligned I know where my preference lies.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

When we had a rat issue, after all the'benign ' attempts to get rid and having to resort to poison, it was nearly 18 months before we saw another one. This time we acted immediately and now 12 months down the line, fingers crossed we have only seen one galloping along the back fence and out. Hope they stay away. X

crafty cat corner said...

We had rats when we had our allotments and enjoyed their antics. Yes they managed to get to the bird seed but I just could not kill them. The next door neighbour put stuff down to kill them and the results were not good to watch.
One large handsome rat staggering around the pond obviously dying was just so upsetting.

justjill said...

Really sorry crafty cat corner but we have nesting birds throughout our garden and rats would decimate the baby birds. I have no wish to kill anything but there is a line and that was drawn.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Being a farm there are always rats around so the farmer always used to keep several traps permanently set - I know there is one under the hen house - don't know where the others are but must remember to mention it to the chap who has bought the farm.