Sunday, 14 May 2017

Family and other animals.

Daughter number 2 came to visit today with her son and partner.  Arriving at lunch time, once they had settled in, they decided to join me on my walk on the prom.  As we set off in glorious sunshine the skies darkened and there was torrential rain.  I was there so I was going to walk.

The younger ones decided to join us and I provided daughters hat.

Thunder and lightning.  I must be mad.

The sea was full of surfers.

You can see a few heads here if you look closely.

I did not do the .59 today.

Back home and it was playtime.

And then tea time.

Other animals.

Eli and Sith get on really well.

Those things outside have emptied all the bait again.  Saw two today.  

I can remember when we could have taken a wee thing like Eli outside to crawl around on the grass, but not now.....


crafty cat corner said...

I appreciate your reply to the last comment I made, its difficult isn't it and you certainly would not want the baby crawling on the grass where they have been.
Trouble is there are probably loads of them. Really the only sure way to stop them would be to stop feeding the birds but I can see you wouldn't want to do that.
We feed the foxes each night and they are also giving us food for thought. There is an intruder coming in and they have started fighting and making a load of noise. I love watching them but don't want to annoy the neighbours. We shall have to see how things go.
All these problems because we love the wild life.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Out in pouring rain with thunder and lightening- That's dedication!

Christine said...

We had rats too, so took down all our bird feeders, but the little monsters were climbing up the crab apple tree. We had left them there for the black we were selling the house we picked all the crab apples and pruned the top branches, it took us 3 hours non-stop and got two rat poison boxes.. no rats. But here we are in Suffolk, we have been here 5 days and with countryside all around I expect we will be fighting those clever little monsters again!