Sunday, 28 May 2017


What a change in the weather.  Dark, cloudy, rain and 20+ mph winds.  No walk for me today.

The sun finally returned at 5.30p.m. and the wind eased.

Our gardener prefers to create than cut.  So after he had done a bit of strimming the edges he left the cutting of the grass to his sidekick while we had a discuss.

The bed which he is to turn into a raised bed has thriving Ground Elder or Bishops Weed it is called up here.

The only way to get rid of this invasive bstard is to keep at it.  But I cannot do that.  So everything is to be removed.  Then he will dig up as much as he can and then two lots of weed killer will be applied, which is against my religion.  He will then create a raised bed with sleepers to match what he has already done with my sloping path, rather than steps, as my access to the patio he also created. and the shedudio.

While this discussion and decision were going on the plants I want to keep burst forth.....

Oriental Poppy.  Masses of buds too.  

Two Peony plants also smothered in buds.

Now even after looking on Google I am unsure whether these are native bluebells or not. Jessica?  

The gardener will dig the plants up I want to keep and 'heel them in' elsewhere while he gets on with terminating the Bishops Weed.  I doubt we will see any buds bloom this year but have hopes for next year.  As the bed will be raised so I dont have to bend so much I should be able to remove any Bishops Weed which reappears as it surely will.  Despite all previous efforts to eradicate it.

Elsewhere everything is blooming.

I LOVE Alliums.  I planted a load of them all different sizes a few years back, when I could, but only these return each year.  Probably my fault as the larger ones I dried the heads which I still have in the house.

Red Hot Pokers hiding but oranging up nicely.

I planted these.  I think they are Lilies.  Obviously should have been split and put into a larger pot.  And there is an Iris to the right.  Really must get to grips with what I have.....

Bleurgh.  Onward and upward.  Well I can't get down physically or if I did cannot get back up!!

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rusty duck said...

I love alliums too. I wish the mice would leave mine alone!
The bluebells could be hybrids. They do lean over to one side as the natives do but the flowers seem a bit bigger, maybe more like the Spanish.