Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dont know what came over me.

Our cheery postie delivered me a package today.  I had completely forgotten that in a moment of madness I had ordered, from our local newspaper, 60 plug perennial plants, for £19.99.

Which have to be potted...immediately on receipt..

6 each of the above.  Although I do not claim to be a plants woman I doubt the plant labelling list as the plant did not match the description, but we will see..

I haven't done any gardening for a long time.  But  I set myself up with a work station and set to.   The DP provided the compost, the pots and the trays.

I sat in the empty chair and filled the pots, planted the plugs and wrote the labels.

Done.  So if I can do that...I am back to gardening!  Never, ever thought I would be.  Lack of breath then the spine fracture etc. etc.  Well chuffed.

The DP was applying the undercoat to the new walls in the shedudio.

He has since painted the other wall.

We have had no rat sightings for two days.  The rat bait has been untouched.

Whilst sad to have to cause another living being's demise.  I am so unstressed now.

I went for my .59 earlier in the day.

Wash and feather sorting .

I will not order any more stuff to plant in the garden as sitting there looking around I think there is plenty there that I have bought that needs potting on.  Geraniums, Cornflowers in a bucket, who's daft idea was that Mr Marketing Manager. And daft for me buying said bucket..

Dont know what came over me.


SandyExpat said...

Well done on getting on with the forgotten plant order. Oh I don't think you should think one second about getting rid of the rats. I don't know how you put up with them for as long ad you did.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Cornflowers are one of my favourites - and I must say I rather like the idea of them in a bucket - although they do get a bit 'leggy' so perhaps not such a good idea.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Ooh I love new plants :) How exciting. The white walls do look so much better (and lighter) than the darker ones. They won't detract from your artwork and will bounce out more light to work in.

Chris Elliot said...

I bet you put the order through in the depths of winter when thoughts of Spring gave you a boost.

rusty duck said...

I ordered a dozen young perennials (9cm pots) in a sale a couple of weeks ago and they're all still sat in the greenhouse awaiting planting. Along with the six more mature plants I bought at a plant fair the same week. You're ahead of me mate!
It's hard I know but a good decision on the rat. You really can't risk it.