Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bits and Babies.

It has rained all day and still is.

I looked out the photo of the painting of the pony I did, for Terra.  The pony lived across the park (field).  The DP caught it having a mad half hour.  The painting sold and went to Edinburgh.

The DP has given the new walls their second coat of undercoat.  

He is off tomorrow with his mate on a Herpetology Tour.  In wellies. Hoping to see Adders but not too closely.  

While he is off I am going to mop up all the dust on surfaces.  The joiner did vac the floor.

I am looking for a new light fitting.  Hmmm.  These spotlights are fixed and I would have preferred to angle them....

As you can see from the above where the light fitting is the way the roof is its difficult to have a run of spotlights.......

As it persistently rained I went walking anyway.

Lots of seaweed.

There had been a beach clean this morning.  Volunteers.  They usually arrange for the rubbish to be cleared.  Most of it had gone .

Apart from the big stuff.

Back home and the garden is bursting forth with feathered babies.

House Sparrow.


A better day tomorrow is promised.  But no doubt there will be more babies.  Thank goodness no sign of Samuel Whiskers.


Terra Hangen said...

Oh you are too good to find that photo of the jumping pony for me. It is a beautiful work of art. Were you sad or happy to see it sold? I would guess both.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

That horse, you've captured such powerful movement, love the inky colours you've used.

Gail, northern California said...

You certainly captured that horse enjoying a rollicking good time. It seems dogs and horses both have a wonderful sense of play.

Can't imagine deliberately joining a herpetology tour. Every blade of grass that moved would have me freaking out.

justjill said...

Terra I will never make any money from my sales! Every one that goes is a painful moment tempered with the fact someone liked it enough to buy it!

The Weaver of Grass said...

The weather forecast picture this morninf shows sunshine for here, but it is very dull and quite cold.