Friday, 26 May 2017


 We used to live in the Midlands.  Due to a promotion for DP.  I hated it.  Miles from the sea, built up housing.  But we survived.  When we moved up here I thought we would never be too hot again.  And now I am.  30 degrees.  Sheesh.  There was a breeze near the sea so it was bearable.  But the advice for COPD peeps is not to go outside.  Me being me I dont go with being told what to do or not to do.  So all we have today is a photo of a very large boat being piloted out of the harbour.  The Pilot boat is alongside.  The pilot will be on the boat steering and then the pilot boat comes along side and the pilot hops back on.  Well I think thats how it goes.

I managed to get as far as the Kessock Burn which is about half way to half way of the full walk.  The beach was packed with families.  Good.  

Back to the car.  For the second time the same couple were next to me and we again had a chat.  Which is nice as apart from the grunts from the check out operator at Asda this had been the only communication I had had with a human being all day.

I went to Asda as they do trousers/jeans in different lengths.  But I discovered that even the short ones were way too long.  What I will do next time is look at kids stuff,  Its cheaper and - well who knows.  I did buy a couple of tops being inspired by the weather, so I will probably never wear them.

Back home, down the shed, windows and doors wide open.  Experimenting with clingfilm on a peony leaf the gardeners arrived.  They are to do me a raised bed to the left of the shedudio. So discussion on what I want to save whilst they eradicate the Bishops Weed/Ground Elder.  I have two Peonys and an Ornamental Poppy.  And a Box.  The Welsh Poppies have not reappeared.  Nor quite a lot of stuff as it is smothered by the Ground Elder.  So they will rescue and then kill.

They then got on with the short back and sides.

Such a difference.  And shush, no sign of a rat.


Chris Elliot said...

I'm surprised it is so busy at the beach. Is it a school holiday? Your garden is coming on great guns.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Woah that is warm! Your garden is looking good and I envy your daily sea air. Born and raised in a landlocked country, only seeing the sea for the first time at 17, then moving to the UK and getting a job near the coast sealed my love for the sea. Now we live in the centre of the UK and the sea is a holiday treat. X

The Weaver of Grass said...

I think for a change that the further North one goes the warmer it has been - thirty here in North Yorkshire too. The sea looks so inviting.