Thursday, 25 May 2017

Just me and the cat.

The DP is off visiting his sister in Oban.  He left at 5 a.m. not that he was in a rush to see his sister, he was up the Cairngorms getting ticks on his bird list.  Sith Cat obviously knows as he is curled up on the DP's side of the bed instead of where my feet would be were I still 5 feet 2 and am now 4 feet 10.😞

I walked more than the .59 as the beach was packed.  Given the weather not surprising. I had to park my car way up so as to still be able to get the chariot out.

The Golden Horn (beacon for entering the harbour when its dark) and the Gulls away from the many people on the beach.

Invasion of nursery children.

Suspicious eye on them?

Lovely to see this young chap just discovering ....

Back home it was down to the shedudio.  Windows flung open (well one had to be hammered open as it had been painted up...)  Both doors too.  Never known it so hot even though there was a breeze.

And I did some more painting to the 'fleer' painting begun yesterday.  Well here you go.  

This is why I love watercolour.  Hope you can tell this is a Peony.  I swear the paint did this all by itself.  Still a bit more to do.  But I have found this so much fun and way out of my comfort zone.  I want to apply this way of painting to the subjects I love, birds and beasts.  

But for now, just me and the cat off to bed.  Well me, he is already there.

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kjsutcliffe artist said...

I love the view from your studio, I paint upstairs in the house and in winter it is great, warm and dry etc, but in summer - I long to be OUT!!