Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Very humid this morning.  Struggle to breathe.

I met up with a friend for Coffee and cake in the afternoon.  So no walk.  We met at the Dunes.  Carrot cake.

The piece was huge.  I brought half of it home for the DP.

Emma who runs the cafe, her husband runs the Golf side of things, had told me to sit by the window as she could see I was struggling to breathe.  Even with the window wide open there was no air.  But then it got blacker and blacker and we had thunder and lightning and down the rain came like stair rods.  So much fresher.

With COPD everything takes your breath away.  Talking would you believe tires me out but that doesn't stop me.  I did a lot of listening too.  

My friend is going through an incredibly difficult time.  She is ferrying her partner to and from hospital, and hour there and an hour back,  for radiation and chemo therapy every day for 6 weeks.  The treatment takes 12 minutes.  Ah the joy of living in the country. Then a break of a month then back again.  Hopefully my talking made her laugh and my ear was big enough to listen.  I so admire her.

Back home through the rain.  Then down the shed to pack my bag for Art Group tomorrow.

Should I paint another flower?

Hoping there will be more buds open in the morning for me to take in.

It has become very windy this evening and  has stopped raining, so back to normal.  Tomorrow promises sun again, no rain, and not much wind.  Onward and upward and hopefully walking.  So long as I don't talk at the same time.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Somehow I have lost my poppy. It was in the garden last summer, flowering it's socks off, this summer nothing. .....not even the green rosette of leaves to give me hope. ...its just packed up and gone! But do paint yours, it's looking spectacular x

BadPenny said...

I do feel for your friend, glad you could spend some time with her for coffee and cake x

Família em Casa - Housewife said...

Adorei conhecer o seu blog!
Viajei em seus posts. Tive que traduzi-lo para poder ler, mas deu certinho.
Melhoras pra você. Tenha um lindo dia.


Tina said...

I hope you're getting the sunshine and cool breeze today. Yesterday was muggy indeed. Wonderful to have friends supporting each other and sharing cake...important that bit. Big hugs, xx