Thursday, 4 May 2017

Tis voting day, .local .

Been out to vote.  Women had to fight for it.  So the least one can do is cast ones vote.

It still strikes me as odd, as where we live now as opposed to built up areas in the past, we drive through beautiful countryside to get to a nearby village.  (Guess who didnt have the camera with them?)

Rathen is where we vote.

The Gorse at the side of the lanes is absolutely stunning this year.  So vibrant.  I will get a photo for your delectation.  Plus the lambs leaping about.

In the tiny village hall, 2 ladies on the job.  In Scotland we have a different system.  You put a number next to the candidate(s) 1 for your main choice and then a number 2, 3, 4, whatever next to other candidates,  not a cross.  You can vote for as many candidates as you wish.  What worries me is the box you place your vote looks just like a shredder......

I voted for two.  If your number one doesnt stand an earthly they then use the next one you voted for and so on until there is a majority.  Weird.  

After that it was back home and down the shedudio.  Some painting.  Some packing up for shifting before the joiner comes on Monday to clad the walls for hanging.  Though there will have to be some painting to the new walls done first.  Cant wait.  Hope this chest infection goes quickly and there isnt too much dust left when he is finished.

My view out of the shedudio window.  The whole garden is bursting forth with blossom, buds and flowers.  

Wish I was bursting forth.  When on antibiotics, yes they are clearing the infection, but boy do they knock your energy levels downwards.

On a different note I have to say how much the DP and I are enjoying Law and Order on ITV 3.  I tape the stuff we want to watch and then we can zap through the adverts.  If you enjoy crime stuff its brilliant.

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Chris Elliot said...

Did your candidate (or your second choice)win? Happy to see you are having some nice weather - we have been inundated with rain for the last few days and it doesn't feel like Spring although the tulips are beginning to open up.