Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tide is out.

Sadly so is mine.  Yet another chest infection.  I have COPD.  Par for the course.  My walk this morning was a struggle.  But I did a bit of one.  

A comment on here recently was how do I breathe better.  Well, there are exercises one learns at Pulmonary physio.  Gaining control is a biggie and not panicking when you can't breathe.  Find somewhere to lean - a Tesco trolley used to my chosen one - and take a deep breath through your nose and then breathe out through pursed lips.  Keep going.  Eventually you will bring up the gunge in your lungs, I suggest you go out of the supermarket at this point, then cough and spit.  

Stopping smoking and now vaping cut my chest infections drastically.  But with 26% lung function I am obviously still susceptible to an infection.  I have antibiotics in house so as soon as I realise I have a chest infection I can hopefully zap it.  One problem for me is there is only one antibiotic I do not react badly to.  One day it will not be effective.  

What they dont tell you when they also prescribe steroids, to aid with ridding of pleurisy, is they damage your bones.  Hence me now having a fracture on my spine and compressed old age and osteo arthritis and a scan coming up for bone density/osteoporosis.  Its fun being old int it. Not.  But there is still so much to enjoy !  The war against rats in the garden.  Yay.

But it was a glorious day.  NO WIND. 

The Gull gang were as usual abluting.

I edited the pics I took as I found these two amusing.

This one appeared to be admiring his reflection!

And this one was obviously gargling after cleaning his beak.

Tide might be out but it does come back in again..


rusty duck said...

Keep fighting Jill. Get well soon x

justjill said...

If someone tells me you cant do that I bloody well will. xxx

Sharon Koole said...

Beautiful photos! Hope you feel better soon.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Do you take a calcium supplement? I think the one the NHS use is called Adcal D3, take care and don't let the infection get you down!

Rian said...

Hi Jill, just came across your blog! I love seagulls! And DH and I love Scotland too. We haven't visited too many places in our 70 plus years, but Scotland was definitely one of our favorites. Hope to come back and surf your site some more soon.