Monday, 8 May 2017


The joiner phoned early today and said he was waiting for some of the stuff to arrive so wasn't coming at 8 a.m.  Could be later on today or tomorrow.  No show.  But of course that meant one or the other of us had to stay in.....Rats!

I managed to escape for my walk after lunch as the DP did the shopping in the morning.

The sea was still very rough, but the wind was easing by the minute.


And blow dry.

If the DP sees a reasonably priced pot he buys it.  Crammed with Violas and Pansies now.   Very colourful, once they recover....

A Camellia .  Hope there's no frost but I have something to wrap it in.

Not sure what is going in this. 

We have peat free compost but have also been using the mole hills!  Quite a few to go yet.

Some pretty pebbles will go on top of them all.  The DP did all these while I was walking.  

He also planted this.  Rats.  The Black Box.  Inside which is poisoned seed.

After seeing 6 rats, including the next generation of, over the weekend, under a hanging bird feeder we decided enough was enough and all our efforts to discourage them.  The most we had seen before were two.

We have mixed all the seeds with Cayenne Pepper. (Which actually bungs up the feeders.) I think they have now developed a taste for it. As I still see the rats chomping on the seed.

  We have put trugs full of water under the bird feeders.  But the wee birds do scatter their off cuts of bird seed far and wide.

We have Cayenne sauce plastered over the fallen seed.  While all this is going on they are multiplying.  So enough is enough.

I am sure that one of the reasons they are proliferating is that we no longer have a hunting cat.  Sith is way past it.  We do not want to have a younger cat as once we pop our clogs the cat would then have to be re-homed.  Plus the fact if you are a regular reader we did have an awful experience with having a beautiful lovely cat which we had rescued mown down on this narrow country lane we live on.  And I dont think I could go through that again.

Our neighbour across the park has brought her two Jack Russells in and they did not smell anything.

So sorry to all who dont think we should do this.  Rats.


Athene said...

I think you are doing exactly the right thing. Rats have their place in this world but if they are too numerous (and sadly, it's your generosity towards the local bird life that is probably the cause of their proliferation) then they become not just a nuisance but a danger to local flora and fauna. They will kill nesting chicks and eat eggs so if you want to keep on enjoying the birds, you need to act.

Like you I used to have a cat who was a hunter, he never brought in dead rats but I am fairly sure his presence kept them at bay. It was only after he died that I started to get a problem. You'll need to keep rebaiting but you should see a decrease fairly soon.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good riddance to the rats. Nasty creatures