Sunday, 30 April 2017

Thank you.

For all the supportive posts re my struggle to get back in the garden.

I will do it.

Today was just as windy as yesterday.  But the sun was shining.  So I went.

The two Lesser Black Backed Gulls were struggling to land.  I was struggling not to take off!

The beach was totally deserted.  No-one to catch me if I flew or fell.  I gave up half way.  But felt better for the fresh air, the exercise and just bloody doing it.

Home again.

Painting. Of course.

Not sure the Leverets are not heading for the bin.  

Another Mountain Hare begun.

And a work in progress I found so a bit more progress.

In between throwing a brush, scattering cayenne pepper, putting cayenne pepper sauce round the tree, i.e. deterring Samuel Whiskers, I gazed at the garden and tried to work out how I could get on and down in there.  Raised beds is a good idea.  I went on tinternet and googled aids for disabled gardener.  Not impressed with Amazon who had just the things I wanted but all out of stock and they didnt know when they would be back.  

I will not be defeated.

Thank you all again.

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