Wednesday, 10 May 2017

And breathe.

My walk this afternoon was about half of the .59 of a mile I aim to do.

Despite the camera making the sea and the sky the same blue as yesterday, it was actually grey, overcast and spits of rain.

Another lie from the camera.  But the Gulls dont mind what the weather is like.

Just look and laugh at this one's attitude.

This yacht was fair zipping along, but as he/she had no sails up I assume it was from an engine.  And this time the camera was truthful about the colour of the sea, tho it still brightened up the sky.  Sky = blue.  Ok.

The Joiner still hasnt got his 'bits'.  How difficult is it to source some mdf boards and whatever it is that will go in between said boards and the shedudio's walls???  He is now intending to come on Monday next.  So over a week where I can't paint, unless I move the table back, which involves moving the chest of drawers et al.  

Plus the dining room is crammed with all my finished paintings and we have a daughter, partner and child who I believe has just started walking coming at the weekend.

Final rant. Rat poison appears to be totally untouched.

But on the plus side the cooncil did get back to me, after a prompt/plea from me.  I can now go ahead with writing up an agenda and sending notices etc out to everyone.  But that will be tomorrow.  I now have a glass of wine.

One day I will learn not to get stressed about things I can do nothing about.


Mum said...

Breathe deeply and enjoy the wine.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your last sentence resonates with me too Jill.

annamaria magda said...


Gail, northern California said...

Joiner be damned, I LOVE-- LOVE-- LOVE the second photo with the three little birds, and their beautiful reflections.