Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday, moanday.

Very windy, moan, so no walk today.

Walking does loosen me up in the back and bum area.  The Core muscles.....  So I diligently did my exercises.

This woman is levitating.  She has to be.  Apart from anything else I cant make my back that straight - and I dont like her shoes.

I thought I would make up for not walking on the prom by walking down to the shedudio and round it a few times.  I ended up doing quite a few upper body exercises and breathing exercises by leaning over to open the window and shout at the rat.

I also sorted my paints.

I hadnt realised I had quite so many.  A few were rock solid and went in the bin.  I also found I had 3 tubes of Davy's Grey.....unopened.

I wish this joiner would turn up soon then I dont find any more evidence of my wasting money.

Decided to mix some of the paints and made my own grey, yah boo Davy.  For a Grey Heron.  There are loads of Grey Herons round here.  This one is up a tree.  Well it will be when I put the tree in.  I was quite surprised to learn that Herons spend a lot of time wobbling in trees.

I also watched the garden birds.  We now have two pairs of Redpolls.

And our magnificent male pheasant (who is not yet photographed as I ooh and ah every time he appears and forget the camera)  has an equally magnificent and very bonny girlfriend.

Spring is springing.  I could have taken a photo of the 2 Collared Doves on the fence but this blog would then have to be x rated or you would not be able to view it before the water shed.  What is a water shed?

So as the day drew to a close and I was surrounded by more chaos in the shedudio and a rat outside that was a bit confused as the DP had put up an obstacle game to stop his/her entry and only missed him/her by inches with a not well aimed stone, this time without destroying any more patio furniture (he says he just wants to dissuade rather than injure - he will be phoning the optician tomorrow)  I exercised the upper arm muscles with a glass of red wine -as a weight.  Relaxes the back beautifully.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Geographically speaking, the watershed is the raised ridge of ground that when it rains, sheds water into rivers, lakes etc, the Pennines are a watershed, but what has to do with TV or in your case the x-rated doves, I've no idea!

Minigranny said...

Your raising of a glass of Red wine sounds like the best exercise to me !

Elaine said...

You were so funny today. Love your paintings. Hope you get the rat.

whiterose said...

no need to throw away hard tubes of watercolor paints ( unless you do not like the color anymore) my winsor green was so hard
could not get open so I cut the bottom off and sprayed with water... I needed the color for a workshop per the materials list they always give u and every artist wants you to bring their colors for the class and at $20 a was totally useable....
sorry it was my latest rate... but it was a good workshop here in Mendocino California

whiterose said...

oh my friend introduced me to your blog... she finds us similiar with the antics of the studio visitors ( mice for mine) ... I love your blog ... your humor and your sayings like "but I was gob smacked to see this."

Lyssa Medana said...

I admire your fortitude in the face of rats, and I love your pictures x

Lyssa Medana said...

I just want to add, I am so in awe of anyone who can do anything artistic and you are so talented, I love seeing the pics. All those pigments look so full of potential, and you know how to use them. As for extra stuff, it happens. I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses, and the heron looks like it will be incredible x